Tabletops Furniture


An Italian original comprising 4 leg tubular Barstool frame in choice of Chrome or epoxy finish. Fully upholstered shell done locally in your choice of fabric

  • Indoor
Upholstered COM / CMT (your fabric);;Chrome
Upholstered COM / CMT (your fabric);;Black epoxy
Upholstered COM / CMT (your fabric);;Other epoxy colours
Upholstered Weaversworld Vulcan fabric;;Chrome
Upholstered Weaversworld Vulcan fabric;;Black epoxy
Upholstered Weaversworld Vulcan fabric;;Other epoxy colours

Also available with entirely Polyprop shell or with Upholstered seat panel

Frame finish

  • Chrome Chrome
  • Black Smooth matt Black Smooth matt
  • Charcoal Grained matt Charcoal Grained matt
  • Navy Smooth gloss Navy Smooth gloss
  • Pale Blue Grained matt Pale Blue Grained matt
  • Grey Smooth gloss Grey Smooth gloss
  • Silver smooth gloss Silver smooth gloss
  • White Smooth matt White Smooth matt
  • White grained matt White grained matt
  • Taupe Smooth matt Taupe Smooth matt
  • Walnut Grained matt Walnut Grained matt
  • Bronze Smooth matt Bronze Smooth matt
  • Gold Smooth gloss Gold Smooth gloss
  • Copper Smooth gloss Copper Smooth gloss
  • Pebble Grained matt Pebble Grained matt
  • Avocado Green textured Avocado Green textured
  • Dark Green Grained matt Dark Green Grained matt
  • Orange Smooth gloss Orange Smooth gloss
  • Red Smooth gloss Red Smooth gloss
  • Coral Grained matt Coral Grained matt
  • Pink Smooth gloss Pink Smooth gloss
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