Tabletops Furniture


Stackable gas injection polyprop monobloc suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Subtle woodgrain effect incorporated into the moulding.


  • Outdoor
  • Indoor


  • Ivory White polyprop Ivory White polyprop
  • Coffee polyprop Coffee polyprop
  • Black polyprop Black polyprop
  • Brick polyprop Brick polyprop

Outdoor use of darker colour(s) should be limited to shaded areas

Ivory White ;;Polyprop is standard
Ivory White ;;Upholstered panel optional (indoor use)
Coffee;;Polyprop is standard
Coffee;;Upholstered panel optional (indoor use)
Black (limited outdoor use);;Polyprop is standard
Black (limited outdoor use);;Upholstered panel optional (indoor use)
Brick (limited outdoor use);;Polyprop is standard
Brick (limited outdoor use);;Upholstered panel optional (indoor use)