Tabletops Furniture


Weather proof Polyresin construction. Now available in a range of metallic colours. Choice of gloss or matt finish.

700mm dia round;;Matt;;Slimline 22mm thick
700mm dia round;;Matt;;Standard 30mm thick
700mm dia round;;Gloss;;Slimline 22mm thick
700mm dia round;;Gloss;;Standard 30mm thick
800mm dia round;;Matt;;Slimline 22mm thick
800mm dia round;;Matt;;Standard 30mm thick
800mm dia round;;Gloss;;Slimline 22mm thick
800mm dia round;;Gloss;;Standard 30mm thick
900mm dia round;;Matt;;Slimline 22mm thick
900mm dia round;;Matt;;Standard 30mm thick
900mm dia round;;Gloss;;Slimline 22mm thick
900mm dia round;;Gloss;;Standard 30mm thick
700x700mm square;;Matt;;Slimline 22mm thick
700x700mm square;;Matt;;Standard 30mm thick
700x700mm square;;Gloss;;Slimline 22mm thick
700x700mm square;;Gloss;;Standard 30mm thick
800x800mm square;;Matt;;Slimline 22mm thick
800x800mm square;;Matt;;Standard 30mm thick
800x800mm square;;Gloss;;Slimline 22mm thick
800x800mm square;;Gloss;;Standard 30mm thick
900x900mm square;;Matt;;Slimline 22mm thick
900x900mm square;;Matt;;Standard 30mm thick
900x900mm square;;Gloss;;Slimline 22mm thick
900x900mm square;;Gloss;;Standard 30mm thick
800x600mm rectangle;;Matt;;Slimline 22mm thick
800x600mm rectangle;;Matt;;Standard 30mm thick
800x600mm rectangle;;Gloss;;Slimline 22mm thick
800x600mm rectangle;;Gloss;;Standard 30mm thick
1200x800mm rectangle;;Matt;;Slimline 22mm thick
1200x800mm rectangle;;Matt;;Standard 30mm thick
1200x800mm rectangle;;Gloss;;Slimline 22mm thick
1200x800mm rectangle;;Gloss;;Standard 30mm thick
1400x800mm rectangle;;Matt;;Slimline 22mm thick
1400x800mm rectangle;;Matt;;Standard 30mm thick
1400x800mm rectangle;;Gloss;;Slimline 22mm thick
1400x800mm rectangle;;Gloss;;Standard 30mm thick


  • Copper Copper
  • Brass Brass
  • Pewter Pewter
  • Bronze Bronze